Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello MTI562!

I am creating a slideshow presentation on my Mac for our Second Grade End of the Year Celebration.  I was thinking that my best bet would be to use Google; as the photos are already saved in my Drive and I am playing a variety of background music from a separate file. 

I would like to insert a folder of photos that I have in Google Drive.  I am having trouble selecting all of the photos to insert at once.  I have tried clicking with the shift key held down, control click, and option (alt) click and nothing is working. How can I add all of these photos at once? It seems easier to add all photos, then rearrange the slides and add animation.

On another note, the person running the audio/visual booth has requested that I save it to a flash drive.  I have hundreds of photos, and I am wondering how many I should use to create the slideshow? I was thinking that I should create more than one slideshow so that the photos don't change too quickly, and it would be easier to save. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Hi Megan! Have you thought of using your iPhoto projects program for your slideshow? I just created one for my class and it was super easy. I had a lot of photos too. One of the things I liked was that I could speed up the photos or slow it down. I ended up choosing four songs from my iTunes account and matching the speed of my photos to fit the music. Once I was done creating the slideshow, I uploaded it to YouTube. Last week Jacqui made a great suggestion of posting it as "unlisted." Unlisted makes it more difficult to find unless you send people the direct link. My slideshow is about twenty minutes, but here is the link if you are interested https://youtu.be/g2JmVN7loRQ

  2. Hi Melissa! My only concern with using iPhoto is that the schools here don't have Macs. I think I would then have to convert it and I was trying to eliminate that step.
    I like the YouTube idea. I have my own channel for the school library, and it is marked private so my playlists and videos can't be seen through a search.
    Thanks for sharing your video. I'm going to check it out!

  3. Hi Megan,
    If you decide to use iPhoto for your slideshow you should be able to Export (File Menu) and it will be viewable on a PC. Great idea for an end of the year presentation.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I tried Explain Everything, the iPad app, but I had too many photos and ran out of memory. After deleting extra apps and photos, I found that I had lost the work that I had done on the slideshow! It's too bad because I had cute captions and everything. :(
      Seeing my photos were all on my Google Drive, I decided to just use Google Slides. I added a few great songs from iTunes and it came out great. The show was the other night and parents loved it! I'm showing it to each second grade class on their last day of Library.